Summer atmospheres

Summer has come and gone. We have plenty of pictures, plenty of memories, with or without travels. Yet one thing that often gets “forgotten” is the feeling of summer, a summer evening in the middle of nowhere.


Or in the middle of a crowded place?

Crowds are hard to record without tripping over privacy issues. Even if there is no “expectation of privacy” in a public space, you still want to make sure you have no more than a riff of music here and there and no conversations that could be understood for anything more than is recorded.

The above picture shows the activity in Halifax on the Boardwalk.

A busy evening on a local patio. Apart from a few expressions, there is nothing understandable, yet the warm atmosphere of a restaurant patio will bring back memories of some of your own outings.


Many summers ago, the summer fair was always a staple in my home town. Yet I never had a recording of that. A similar fair in Halifax this summer brought back plenty of memories of those old days.

The memories of chasing girls and getting cotton candy…

Other moments of summer are the quiets ones. The ones in the field or in a forest with nobody around. Nobody but some insects.

I’m sure we all recognize the insects in this audio recording… Some get the creeps when hearing these, others will remember a nice warm sunny day or evening.

The last recording for this post is about water. Of course, in Nova Scotia there is no shortage of water anywhere. The province is a lush green, so there is water to be found.


Yet recording stormy ocean waves is hardly calming. The sound of a little stream does that trick a lot better.

Put on your headphones and listen to these sounds. Memories will pop up from the weirdest moments in your life. On top of that, no film is going to lead your imagination to places you don’t want to go.

That is the nature of sound recording.

With the new house, I have had little time to spend on audio, but I am sure that more is to come.

Until next time…

Coming soon

This site will allow for purchase of sounds and complete sound libraries in the future. Please stay tuned!