Spring atmospheres

Springtime, at last. It has been a while since we heard any wildlife, even here on the east coast.


So now that the sun finally shows up for extended periods of time (read hours), it’s time to record some sounds to go with the feeling of spring. Smile

The first ones to come up singing are usually the birds. But not over here. The first loud harbingers of spring are the Spring Peepers. Last year I caught some of them in a Halifax park, and thought they might be some transplants from a different place.

Now I am in that different place (The Good Place) and they are all over the place. They are nocturnal, so their singing starts at dusk and continues all through the night.

Spring Peepers are small frogs, not birds. When making night recordings of birds and other wildlife, these guys know how to “spoil” the pleasure Smile.

So when night outings are dominated by the Spring Peepers, only the daytime recordings will have to do. The Liverpool Trestle Trail is a disaffected train trail of the Halifax & South West Railway. Or HSW for short. The tracks were not too well built, as they were only for logs and timber. The occasional passenger car quickly made the HSW become “Hellish, Slow and Wobbly” instead.

Decades ago the tracks were pulled and the remaining pathway was restored to become a hiking trail for many to enjoy. The above recording is one of early morning, birds are chirping and the occasional car without muffler can be heard.

And then there are the Sunday mornings when everyone is still asleep. Or so it seems. On such a morning, I was up early and heard a bird far away. I ran back inside to get my new recorder and got this:

Some people may say that this is a very common loon cry, but for me this was the first opportunity to record it in fairly  good conditions.

Spring sounds and atmospheres for you to enjoy. Read the text, sit back and close your eyes and be transported into a different world Smile

Until next time…

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