In some parts of the world, the summer is over. School has started and we can relax. For those who cannot thank schools to provide some relaxation time, I have decided to try and do it with a little audio.

Relaxing waves

This is real sound, no loops and no edits of any kind.

As a result, you only get 3+ minutes of time to relax Smile. The following recording was made on Summerville Beach, NS, during the few minutes nobody was screaming, yelling or barking.

It’s amazing how different sound recording is for your nerves compared to photography. For photography, it doesn’t matter if an overflowing garbage can is just out of the frame, it simply doesn’t exist. For sound, however, things hundreds of meters away can ruin your recording.

Well, at least I got a few minutes of relaxation here…

Until next time…

Coming soon

This site will allow for purchase of sounds and complete sound libraries in the future. Please stay tuned!