Or I should say a one-bird orchestra. The Northern Mockingbird is a critically imperilled species in Nova Scotia. It seems that thanks (or because of) its wonderful singing, the bird was often captured and sold as a cage bird.


Northern Mockingbird

What this bird does best is sing.

Since the trade of this bird has stopped, it has slowly made its way back on the planet. It steadily pushes its way back north. It is still “uncommon” in my area, as Audubon describes it here.

Just listen to a few minutes of this bird’s song. Near the end, someone is whistling and the bird tries to imitate that on the spot. There is also a bit of traffic and wind rustling through the leaves here, but I could not eliminate all of that without cutting up the bird’s song.

Enjoy this for a few minutes and relax…

Until next time…

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