In the forest

Some go to the sea, some to the mountains and some to the forest. To each his own as far as relaxing goes. But not many people go to the woods when it’s raining.


Normally, I wouldn’t do that either, but once you start listening aka field recording, your senses become somewhat more keen on more.

I can’t say “more developed”, I wouldn’t go that far, but in a way, it’s true as well. Once you start listening to your environment, you start to notice more and more things around you. It’s a sense of “opening up” to more around you.

As a photographer, you always want your eyes open and see everything. Sometimes, closing your eye will tell you a different story about your surroundings.  A rainy forest, with water dripping on you everywhere, is not the most pleasant sensation, right? Will, if you close your eyes and listen, things go into a different dimension.

Listen to the 4-channel sound file (your browser may or may not be able to reproduce it) and experience that forest for yourself.

Doesn’t that calm the nerves?

Until next time…

Coming soon

This site will allow for purchase of sounds and complete sound libraries in the future. Please stay tuned!