Holiday cheer

It’s midwinter. No surprise for anyone. We’ve all noticed that there is hardly any daylight left. It makes me remember when the days got longer and stronger. The silence is overwhelming when you get out of the inhabited areas. Or is it?

Yellow Warbler

It looks like the holidays will bring the cheer. But in reality, it is all silent outside. Cheer may be hard to find for some. For those people, only nature can bring the cheer in their life. So here is a bit of that cheer that is hard to come by in this time of the year.

A few years ago, I was out shooting birds. There were plenty of them around, with no humans to speak of. At least not the ones with loud radios and awful picnictable manners.

No, this was a nice and quiet place. Beach time was not there yet, it was barely +17C. The sun was shining and I thought that this environment was exactly what I would like to remember. Both in sound and in vision. The pictures have been published long ago, but the sound still remains. Even with my eyes closed I can still feel that sunshine on my back.

So here is what I heard at the time. Close your eyes, sit back and relax :-) .

This is what nature is about when you need some time off.

Until next time…

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