A new tool

For the last twelve years I have been using the Zoom H2 as my primary sound recorder. From footsteps to trains and whatever else was presenting itself. Yet one thing always lacked. The ability to connect more microphones to the unit and have them all work together.


While for now I have no external mics, there will be a time when I can put the system in place in a forest and come back the next day to collect the recordings.

So what is new? Today I am the owner of a Zoom H6. Do a search for that on YouTube and you will find tons of “unboxing”, “Settings” and “How to use” the Zoom H6. I have watched these videos for a while now and decided it was time to get one for myself.


However, the unit came “naked” in a box. No extra mics, no extras at all, not even a memory card. Luckily I have plenty of those. Yet one thing that lacks severely in the box is a dead cat. Not the smelly kind, the kind that cuts the wind noise to nothing.

So the wind that rushes through the rotor blades also blows into the microphones, leaving me with no usable sound at all. In a few days the accessories will arrive and the sound will be recordable outside as well.

As a result, for now I am only capable of recording sound inside the house, where there is no wind to ruin my recordings. One of the (not so interesting) sounds is of this grilled sandwich, still grilling…

When you really want to record sounds, there is always something to find. Upcoming tools (or toys) for me will be contact mics and hydrophones. Those create sounds that not everyone can hear.

Until next time…

Coming soon

This site will allow for purchase of sounds and complete sound libraries in the future. Please stay tuned!