If there is anything I hate with a vengeance, then it’s being tethered to something. Be that by wrist, ankle or head. Ok, I haven’t been restrained too much by my ankles or wrists, I admit. But by my head, more than enough.


I’m not talking about some kind of security restraints like the cops put on you. I’m only talking of cables that are connected to some device and then to headphones on my head.

East coast morning

Sound and noise is all around us. We are  used to all of that. But have you ever stopped and listened to that “noise”? A big part of the environmental noise is made by humans. If you can filter it out, then you are left with the natural sound.

Sparrow singing

When the human noise can be filtered out of your sound recording, then what is left is the natural beauty of the environment.

Forest atmospheres

Forest, a place to come to rest and relax. Last Sunday, I went out to get some rest. The house renovation is in full swing and I needed a little time off. I was not even in the mood to go out and photograph anything. That is very unusual.

Screenshot 2023-04-03 120420

However, I did take my sound gear with me and decided to go onto a trail that few people venture out on.

White waves

When recording sound, my guess is that recording water in all its forms is one of the most preferred recordings. Like moon shots are for photography. Perhaps not for a specific recordist or photographer, but in general.

Recording the waves

For me, that no different. Once I started listening closely to everything around me, I was amazed at how different water can sound in different places.

Going under

It has been a while since I posted something here. Sounds are everywhere, yet sometimes they are hard to come by. You have to be either very much on the lookout (so to speak) for sounds, or you have to be lucky.


For this post, I had something in mind.

Ah, summer nights

Once in a while, you want to relive the summer as you remember it. With the sun, the heat, the wind the summer storms and everything else. Yet, often we forget the soundscape that came with the summer.

The humble cricket

Apart from the screaming people at the beach or in the pool, there is much more to listen to.

Old time(r)s

A while ago I went to a museum. It was a heritage house in North Queens. There, I got to hear a song that reflects a sentiment we all have sometimes. Mostly on our birthdays or when we see old friends we haven’t spoken to in a long time.


Today, Sunday, I went for a ride. Simply to change my mind from house renovations and everything. In other words, to take a break. In the middle of “nowhere”, here in Nova Scotia, I stopped by the side of the road.


The road was a secondary one, not even called a highway.


In some parts of the world, the summer is over. School has started and we can relax. For those who cannot thank schools to provide some relaxation time, I have decided to try and do it with a little audio.

Relaxing waves

This is real sound, no loops and no edits of any kind.

The lone beach

When one thinks of “the beach” it’s almost always about sunshine, sea and sand. Preferably warm or hot sand. Some beaches, however, are a little different.


When we went on vacation to the Mediterranean as kids, we always avoided the pebble beaches as they were not comfortable to sit on.


Or I should say a one-bird orchestra. The Northern Mockingbird is a critically imperilled species in Nova Scotia. It seems that thanks (or because of) its wonderful singing, the bird was often captured and sold as a cage bird.


Northern Mockingbird

What this bird does best is sing.

Dawn chorus

Dawn, a time of the day that shouldn’t be missed. Most people are still asleep at that time in the summer. The birds, however, are already up and singing.

Dawn in Liverpool, NS

I have no idea why this is called a “chorus”.

Coming soon

This site will allow for purchase of sounds and complete sound libraries in the future. Please stay tuned!